Great quality leather. Thoughtfully made. It’s why we’ve created a Nene Valley ‘Sustainability Promise’, which ensures you can always get your hands on great quality leather, which is both thoughtfully and responsibly-made.

Our sustainability promise

We know sustainability is as important to you as it is to us. We put our impact on the environment first – and when you collaborate with Nene Valley Leather, you can be sure our method of production is always kind.

From ‘farm to furniture’, the leather we use is locally-sourced, meaning it doesn’t have to travel too far to make its journey to your clients’ homes or hospitality settings.

By supporting us and our range, you’re helping us create change – and what could be better than that?

Committed to Improving the Leather Industry

We don’t just want to do things properly within our own business; we’re committed to improving operations within the industry on the whole and in order to do so, we work closely with industry bodies, including Leather UK, Leather Working Group and Leather Naturally. The latter, a not-for-profit industry members’ association, focuses on the education and promotion of leather – and we are proud to collaborate with the firm.

The use of globally manufactured, sustainable leather is as important to Leather Naturally as it us to us – and like them, we aim to inspire and inform designers, creators and consumers about the beauty, quality and versatility of responsibly sourced leather.

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